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Hello! I'm luca0N! Welcome to my website: just a simple website with no JavaScript, no ads and no trackers. This is a newer (second) version of my first website. You can also access this website on Tor using the luca0N!.com onion address.

I am a programmer who loves FLOSS and privacy. I host a few services here on luca0N!.com. You can find a list of them by going to the Services page.

If you want to talk to me, you can find contact information on the Contact Me page. Anyone* can send me a message for whatever reason. :)

* Except spam bots. If you are a bot who was specifically designed to send spam to people, please do not message me. Thank you.

Software I use

Operating System

I'm using a GNU/Linux-libre distribution as my operating system: Parabola GNU/Linux-libre.

I'm currently using KDE Plasma as my DE, and it's just Plasma out-of-the-box. I'm not good with customizing DEs, although I tried Awesome once. I switched from Xfce to Plasma because I wanted to try Wayland (which I'm using nowadays) and Plasma was the easiest way for me to use it, other than GNOME - which I used before Xfce. I dropped GNOME because it depends on packages that depend on geoclue.


I'm using an AOSP-based OS on my phone: LineageOS. I don't have GApps installed and I don't use any apps that are non-free or that depends on proprietary libraries.

I use VLC Media Player on my computer and phone.

LibreOffice is my choice for tasks that require office software. It is a great collection of software.

When it comes to web browsers, I use Iceweasel on my computer - which is Firefox-based. I avoid using Chromium-based browsers because Chromium has a lot of market share: many web browsers are based on Chromium. I encourage you to use a Firefox-based browser today to support it! Also, Firefox now supports extensions on mobile!